Grades 4K through 3rd grade

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KIDS’ CLUB 2:52 – Before/After School; No School Day Care; Anchor

There is an annual enrollment fee due in mid-August each year.  Annual fees are $50 for the first child and $25 for each additional child.  This is due with the first week’s payment on or before the first day of care.  Registration fees are non-refundable and will cover through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.  

We provide a safe, fun, & captivating atmosphere. We are committed to establishing a strong, nurturing bond with each child. We want every child to gain the spiritual, physical, social, mental & emotional foundations they need to grow into successful young men & women.

  • Caring, loving, & well-trained staff.
  • Large indoor sports area that has over 4,000 square feet of play space.
  • 10 acres + of outdoor play space.
  • 25% sibling discounts.
  • Free transportation to & from school.


Anchor provides students and parents with a solid foundation during school closures and during digital learning.  This program is for kids in grades 4K through middle school.  We focus on helping kids with their online academics and add in traditional specialty classes and opportunities: recess, sports, social-emotional learning, art music, and more.  Our academic coaches help the kids stay focused with getting their work done as well as provide and support supplemental instruction.  This is open to kids in 4K through middle school.  We follow local, state, CDC, and AAP requirements and recommendations to keep everyone safe.  This cost includes breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, along with most school materials (paper, pencils, poster board, etc.) and WiFi access.   

Full Week 4 days 3 days 2 days 1 day
230 188 141 94 47

Kids Club 2:52

Kids’ Club 2:52 is a before and after school program for kids in 4K through 5th grade. 

These prices include transportation, activities, and snacks.  On no school days, it also includes meals and field trips.

Before School Only 60 50 42 28 15
After School Only 100 85 75 60 30
Before & After School (same day) 130 110 90 75 38
Public School 4K 230 188 141 94 47
No School Day 230 188 141 94 47
Early Release (before 1 pm) 230 188 141 94 47
Late Start (after 10 am) 230 188 141 94 47

Effective June 1, 2018, we have added on specialized programming for kids in need of behavioral accommodations.  This includes extra help during transition times and a go-to support person trained in individualized child-specific interventions.  Those rates are listed on the chart below.  These rates are set and are not eligible for sibling discounts.

Before School Only 80 70 57 40 25
After School Only 186 149 112 75 38
Before & After School (same day) 220 185 150 100 50
Public School 4K 220 185 150 100 50
No School Day 325 275 225 150 75
Early Release (before 1 pm) 325 275 225 150 75
Late Start (after 10 am) 325 275 225 150 75

CAMP CAPITOLAND – Summer Day Camp for 4K through 8th Grade

Camp Capitoland is loaded with excitement, fun, field trips, special guests, projects, and lots of non-stop activity to inspire your child to live a Godly life.  You select as many or as few days that work with your busy summer schedule (no minimum) and pay just for those days!  

Camp Capitoland is open to kids entering kindergarten through 8th grade.  Kids are divided into age-level groups for the bulk of the camp, but there are overlap times for meals, daily kick off meetings, and sometimes larger group activities.  Campers are placed into groups by grade level, with kids entering grades kindergarten and first grade in one group and 2nd grade and up in another (although the older group is also divided up between elementary and middle school when applicable). 

***While we hope to go on field trips and have camp teams separated by ages, we understand that safety during the coronavirus is paramount and we will be making modifications to field trips and possible in camp groupings as we get closer to summer.***

Our camp provides a unique experience for kids from all walks of life to share in God’s love through activities and adventure to guide their growth.  Activities are led by camp counselors/activity leaders who are there to be cheerleaders, teachers, supporters, and facilitators.  Our staff members have a wide net of strengths and interest areas which makes our camp unique; there is always something for everyone to do and not get bored! 

First Child in Family $195 $50
Each Additional Child $160 $45

Contact us at or via call/text at 608-228-2022.  

Illness Policy/Coronavirus Response

It is important that we maintain a healthy environment at Capitoland. If you receive a call from Capitoland regarding your child’s illness or symptoms, it is out of concern for your child’s well-being as well as the well-being of all children at the Center.  Capitoland will follow current state and CDC recommendations on when a child should be excluded from the center, sometimes taking a more cautious approach based on current data and best practices.

  • If it seems your child is unable to participate in the usual activities of the day due to not feeling well, parents will be contacted.
  • We may require a doctor’s note before a child can return to the center.
  • Each child must have a physical examination by a licensed physician within 30 days of admission to the center.
  • If your child has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has any other questionable symptoms, parents will be notified to pick their child up.

Until parents are able to pick their child up, we may place the child in an alternate classroom with a qualified staff member in order to keep exposure low and not risk the health of others.  If we see symptoms that may be contagious (when parents may not need to pick up), we still may place the child in a different classroom.