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October 2018 Menu

1 Cereal; banana. Taco bowl w/ the works; veggie mix; orange slices. Rice cakes. 2 Fruit; yogurt. Macaroni & cheese; broccoli; apple slices. Crackers & cheese. 3 Scrambled eggs & avocado; applesauce. Beef fried rice; green beans; melon cubes. Ice pops. 4 Honey Nut Cheerios; strawberries. Spaghetti; garlic bread; peas; banana. Pretzels w/ Nutella. 5 Biscuit; turkey sausage; gravy. Chicken fajita w/ tomato, peppers, & cheese; plums. Chips & salsa.
8 Cereal; berries. Chicken & rice casserole; corn; pears. Nutri-Grain bar. 9 Waffles; banana. Chili; cornbread; pineapple; carrots. Wheat Thins; hummus. 10 Cereal; Craisins. Fish sticks; rice; peas; apples. Cheez-Its. 11 English muffins w/ cheese; banana. Broccoli cheese soup; turkey & cheese bagel; grapes. Granola bar. 12 Pumpkin muffins; applesauce. Mini pizza; salad; banana. Apples w/ fruit dip.
15 French Toast; oranges. Orange chicken; green beans; apples. Graham crackers. 16 Life; banana. Sloppy Joes; peas; pears. Chex Mix. 17 Pancakes; applesauce. 3-cheese tortellini; salad; oranges. Pita chips; guacamole. 18 Oatmeal; raisins. Cheeseburger; casserole; corn; grapes. Vanilla wafers. 19 Homemade granola; banana. Fish tacos w/ cheese, lettuce, tomato; peaches. Cottage cheese; fruit.
22 Raisin Bran; blueberries. Chicken patty; mixed veggies; oranges. Trail mix. 23 Breakfast burritos; applesauce. Subs w/ lettuce; cheese; tomato; salad; pineapple. Animal crackers. 24 Waffles; Craisins. Chicken pot pie; biscuit; mixed veggies; apples. Carrots & dip. 25 Cereal; fruit. Soft shell tacos w/ ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, & cheese; grapes. Chocolate chip cookie. 26 Bagel w/ cream cheese. Baked fish; rice; carrots; banana.
29 French toast; Craisins. Chicken nuggets; veggie mix; pears. Fig bars. 30 Applesauce banana muffins; raisins. Goulash; corn muffin; California blend vegetables; apple slices. Chips & cheese. 31 Boo Berries; banana. Chicken mummy wrap; gravey-ard; orange carrots; green salad; black grapes. Goblin Goldfish.     Menu is subject to changes based on availability and quality of food at the store.  

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